Sunday, June 28, 2015

Farewell Uppsala

Since we are leaving for home tomorrow and the weather was beautiful, we took a farewell walk around beautiful Uppsala.

Our apartment building at Von Kraemers AllĂ© 29

Our local ICA grocery store only two blocks away. This is also Ingrid's shop of choice.
The city forest. When we arrived in mid-May, there were no ferns in sight. All of these have grown in the past 6 weeks.
Another City Forest view
We walked through the Botanical Garden

The purple/red water lilies started blooming in the last few days

The castle from the Botanical Garden

King Gustav I on cannon barrels

Uppsala Cathedral from the Castle

Goodbye, Cathedral
The pulpit in the Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral
As we walked around inside the Cathedral, preparations for a wedding were underway. We had just been telling each other how we hadn't been able to hear an organ concert during our stay. Suddenly, the organist began practicing, beginning with Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" and favoring us with several other selections too. So we got our concert after all!

Fyris River in downtown Uppsala. Notice all the bicycles. Goodbye river.

Typical scene in Uppsala beside the river. More bicycles.

A heated bench along the river

The call this Svandammen (Swan Pond). Didn't see any swans though. We walked here most days on our way to downtown Uppsala. Goodbye Svandammen.

And back to our apartment. Goodbye apartment!

This is the building across the street as seen from our window at about 10:00PM

CJ and Ingrid hard at work in our apartment burning the midnight oil. You may say "but it's still light out" and that would be correct. This picture was taken at around 11:00PM.

Farewell beautiful Uppsala. It's been fun.

Until next year!

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